Exploring the boundaries


On, above, and below the earth’s surface—we provide surveying and mapping to define land boundaries, earth’s physical features, and the built environment. Armed with tools like GPS, GIS, 3D laser scanners, and aerial photogrammetry, we deliver innovative solutions for remote and challenging environments or complex urban settings. Our projects are as broad as the places we work including residential, industrial, highway, rail, aviation, utility and power, environmental, oil and gas, federal, and institutional. Geomatics is the science of collection, analysis, display, and management of spatial information. The art is inter
preting this information for legal matters of land definition or to support mapping, design, or construction activities. Addressing unique logistical and technical aspects of each project, our experts offer services that include boundary and cadastral surveys, topographic mapping, construction staking, residential builder layout, ALTA/ACSM surveys, 3D laser scanning, geodetic and control surveys, route surveys, as-built surveys, aerial photogrammetric mapping, water rights surveys, hydrographic/bathometric mapping, and subsurface utility engineering.

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